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Guard Stories to Remember

March 5, 2004
Remember When from today's practice:
Remember how we went around in a circle and told each other how much we love everyone?
Remember all the great things that were said about you and how true they really are?
Remember how we told Momma Harless how much she means to us? (well we reminded her because she already knew how we love her)
*I love you girls very much. You girls are the best people who I have ever had the chance to be around and I am very glad that I have friends like yall to make my day better. Thank you so much and I hope you know that I am always here for you when you need anything at all. I love yall!*
Febuary 28, 2004
Remember When's:
Remember when we the older people actually got sleep this year before the Houston competition unlike last year?
Remember when we were on the bus and everyone was all excited about how the day might end up being?
Remember when we all had to change and make Tyler and Sammy go to the front of the bus?
Remember when we stopped to eat and how Cove was there too (what a coincidence...hehe)?
Remember when we were all "Princesses" and we were wearing our crowns?
Remember when we got a Speed Racer in our room? and then we all took pictures with him?
Remember when we talked to the people in the room next to us through the moving wall?
Remember when we got helped by Harker Heights and how they cheered us on?
Remember when we took the picture outside with Harker Heights and had fun with them after we performed?
Remember when Mr Norris was supposed to leave with his guard but instead stayed with us? (yeah and Ms Harless is so innocent...Love you Ms Harless)
Remember the great picnic dinner we had outside?
Remember the certain clothing that some girls bought that we took pictures of?
Remember that feeling we all got when we were watching Cove warm up?
Remember the even greater feeling we got when they performed?
Remember all of those memories you get when you see Cove perform their show?
Remember at the retreat how we were all up in the stands having fun and watching the other guards across the gym do the wave and all that other stuff?
Remember when we were all up in the stands holding hands and waiting for the great results?
Remember when we were all so happy that we had accomplished something so great?
Remember how we all ran up the halls because we were so happy? (I mean..uhm, we didnt do
Remember the ride back home and changing busses?
Remember *Ginko-Slurp-Biloba-KaKaa*?
Remember how much we love each other and care for one another and how greatful we are to be so close?
Febuary 7, 2004
Remember When's from Raychel!
Remember when we had to watch "bubble butt" perform? OMG!!
Remember when we got to watch the "interesting" guard and got all excited while they were performing even though we shouldn't have...and then immitated them before we got on the bus and the "North Pole" (North Side) people stared at us all funny?*was kinda modified lol
Remember when Crystal got her phone lost in Cove's tarp?
January 31, 2004
Remember When's from Blanca Madre!
Remember when the guard took coke cans and made them into them selves to give to Mr. Chappa aka The Big Kahuna for his birthday and the girl asked us if we needed any help when we took them to their room and then Ms Harless just said No and we all continued walking back to our room very quickly.
Remember when the mom aka grouch got upset at us for eating in the class room and we made Sammy run down the hall to discard our trash so we would not get in trouble.
Remember when Ms. Harless' zipper broke and she had to change on the bus under her guard jacket into jazz pants and wear them all day long.
Remember how much we each care about each other and the wonderful time that we spend together.
If you have any funny stuff that happened that to you in guard, send them to me and I'll put them up on here. Think back to marching season, competitions, practices, and parties. You can also think back to last year's color guard season and the newbies can tell about how they got to where they are now...stuff like that! love yall!

Color Guard Sayings:
Boys Are Bad!!
Deal with it!
Get over it!

Go LHS Illusion Color Guard!