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Illusion Color Guard Girls

we have new members Yay!

Ms Harless- AKA Blanca Madre
- this wonderful person is the one responsible for us loving guard so much. She is our second mother, always giving us great advice for just about everything. We really appreciate everything she has done for us and we are thanking her in advance for what she will do for us in the future. We love you!

Illusion Color Guard
Sandee P
Brittany H
Crystal S
Ashley M
Ashley C
Marie P
Jessica K
Mistie K
Alexi B
Liz B
Jennifer M
Allison S
Tyler B

Amy I
Jessica C
Jackie F
Coral L
Jamie N
Yesenia R

Crystal C
Lilly F
Roxanna R
Britney J
Marcia H
Heather W
Kristin W